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Everyone is creative

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Crisis as an opportunity for creative approaches was yet another fine event summoned by the BIC Plzen on 23th April 2009. BIC (Business and Innovation Centre) Plzen is an technology and innovation incubator in Plzen, Czech republic founded in 1992.

Two speakers were announced for this event – RNDr. Michal Giboda, CSc., Associate professor and Ing. Viktor Vojtko from University of South Bohemia. Mr. Giboda started the meeting with subject “From idea to product”. He covered the aspects of creating a new product in four steps: Imagination – Creativity – Innovation – Product. In his speach he pointed out the social problems that lead to current financial and economic crisis. You can find more about Mr. Giboda in an short interview here.

The subject of Mr. Vojtko’s appearance was “Methodology of creative thinking and its application”. He explained the basics of different approaches to creativity with their cons and pros: brainstorming, synectics, mind maps, lateral thinking, TRIZ and ASIT. His presentation was made using mind maps instead of usual PP slides and many attendees found that very interesting. Mr. Vojtko has his own blog at and you can find many information about mentioned subjects there.

We tried the lateral thinking using the “random entry idea generating tool” in groups. It is very easy, delivers creative results in no time and it’s fun. We had to come up with creative ideas for the company delivering clothing stands for shops. The process has three basic steps.

  1. Pick a completely random word (example: beaver)
  2. Come up with words associated with this random word  (example for beaver: water, wood, teeth)
  3. Associate these words with your problem to get new ideas (example for water: artificial river running thought the clothing deparment)

The Event took place in Techmania – modern technology museum in a renewed factory building. The building is located inside of the Skoda factory in Plzen. We highly recommend a visit to this museum for it is entertaining and educational.