Netclub with Tomas Kapalin

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The monthly event Netclub hosted Tomas Kapalin on 8th of April 2009. The meeting place was the same as last time – Café Louvre in Prague.

Tomas Kapalin is a former Sales department director at After the cooperation with broke, he entered the world of investors. He is strategic partner at and other web companies. Nowadays he invests in “emerging” markets – Romania – in a flight ticket order service. You can find the transcripts of the meeting on and Netclub blog.

This event was fresh, full with info and entertaining. Mr. Kapalin is a great speaker with good information about the market. Interesting are his opinions on the new markets – the new European countries like Romania (Ukraine was mentioned by one of the attendees). The economy is booming and there seems to be opportunities for the same e-business projects like in Czech Republic five years backwards.

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