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We are proud to host and help with web site of African dance group Dideua. This group has been established in late 2008 by Elaine Christina and group of enthusiastic people located in Kdyne. The web site features blog, static pages and photo gallery. 

We used the WordPress blog system as a base, added the Czech translation provided by Czech WordPress portal. The installation was pretty straight forwarding, but lacks of Czech templates. That was not a problem after all as we agreed to create own templates with graphics. Basic Czech template for the WordPress can be found here.

Photo gallery was enabled using NextGen Gallery plug-in by Alex Rabe. The plug-in lacks Czech translation so we had to make the translations and integrate them.

Graphics were delivered by Katka Kadanikova. The conversion from design editor to the templates was very easy and very little programming experience is required. We had some trouble to place the absolute pictures of Elaine left, at the bottom and the placement of eagle.