Netclub with Martin Saidler

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The Netclub meeting is a monthly event organized by Internet Info‘s portal The meeting takes place at wonderful Café Louvre in the center of Prague. The event starts with a moderated discussion with one VIP guest from the internet industry and finishes with networking of the participants. The moderator is famous publicist Milos Cermak which many will know from his column in Reflex.

We attended our first Netclub meeting on March 4th 2009 which is already the 3rd meeting this year. Announced guest was Martin Saidler as an owner of Centralway Holding AG. Centralway is a venture capital company investing in e-business with previous investments in H1,, etc. Martin Saidler didn’t appear for the event and instead sent his younger coworker David Dostal. The content of the interview can be found in the Netclub blog or on

We have met with the co-owner of job search start-up Petr Kral – Linkedin profile. You can find an interview with him in 30 minutes blog.